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Flipkart Big Billion-Day Sale

Flipkart is popular to going to present the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale which will begin at the end of September and will continue up to the start of October 2019. During this period, great Flipkart offers and sales will be made available for the benefits of the customers. The expected date for this great Flipkart big billion sale somewhere is 29 September 2019 to 4th October 2019.

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale, Deals & Offers - Upto 85% OFF

Flipkart Deals and Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Air Conditioners - Upto 60% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Car Accessories - Upto 70% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers DSLR Cameras - Upto 85% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Electronics Products - Upto 70% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Fashion & Lifestyle ProductsView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Furniture - Upto 65% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Laptops - Upto 65% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Mobiles & Tablets - Upto 70% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Refrigerators - Upto 70% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Televisions & Appliances - Upto 70% OFFView Offers
Flipkart Big Freedom Sale Offers Washing Machines - Upto 70% OFFView Offers

Now every people can get ready to block these calendar dates and keep a look at this great sale. This is because there will be many offers and deals available for the customers according to their demands. The reason behind the great popularity of this flipkart sale is because it is the India’s largest online shopping extravaganza presenting great discounts. There will be the availability of many Flipkart online shopping offers and discounts for the special benefits of different customers. For customers of different age groups, this great freedom sale in India is actually a much-awaited Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2019 with exclusive offers.

Now you can easily prepare a wishlist of all the things which you desire to buy and there will be great saving in terms of offers, discounts, promo codes, discount codes and many more. Simply pick a product and it will be available at great discounts. For example, the different categories made available in this sale are mobiles, laptops, cameras, tablets, TVs, home appliances, home accessories, fashion apparels & accessories, bags, books, shoes, electronic items, media, etc. Actually, the list of products on this mega sale is never-ending.

Flipkart Todays Sales & Offer List 2019

Flipkart Todays Offers Laptops - Upto 45% OFFFlipkart Laptop Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Mobile Accessories - Upto 65% OFFFlipKart Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Cameras - Upto 35% OFFFlipKart Camera Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Headphones & Speakers - Upto 25% OFFFlipkart Speaker Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Storage - Upto 40% OFFFlipkart Storage Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Personal & Health Care - Upto 76% OFFFlipkart Healthcare Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Computer Peripherals - Upto 48% OFFView Flipkart Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Computer & Tablets - Upto 27% OFFFlipkart Tablet Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers Smart Wearables - Upto 25% OFFView Flipkart Offers
Flipkart Todays Offers on TVs - Upto 35% OFFView Flipkart TV Offers

There is no doubt that the Flipkart is a wonderful e-commerce platform to provide high-quality products that are always delivered to you timely. The same will be more beneficial during the Flipkart sale days and also there are many Flipkart sale today offer. So, for each day, you can pick the appropriate product and offers to save your money. During these Flipkart sale days, there are ample of cashback and discounts available.  Recently, in August, Flipkart presented Flipkart big freedom sale with many exciting offers and deals. During different sales of Flipkart including the big billion day sale, there are flipkart cashback offers available for customers.

Almost all categories are covered when it comes to Flipkart new offers during this sale. It is known that Flipkart provides enormous discounts reaching up to 80% on majority of their products. For example, customers will be able to shop for mobile phones from the popular brands like Apple iPhone, Samsung, Apple Macbook, LG, etc. Moreover, they can purchase laptops from the prestigious brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. with great discounts. It is further known that the Flipkart Big Billion Days provides benefits like product exchange, NO cost EMI, buy now pay later as well as other credit card and debit card offers. The best part about this Flipkart big day sale is there will be different cash back offers to receive additional cash back on the already highly discounted products.

If you are not much aware about this online sale – Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale, you can keep one thing in mind –purchasing the desired products at great discounts. Those people who are fan of online shopping can easily purchase mobiles, watches, dresses, electronics, furniture and many more items. In this way, your online shopping experience will be affordable and fun-filled. Considering the upcoming festivals, there are lots of Flipkart festival offers available in this online sale. For a person of any age –children, adults, old-aged people, etc. can get their desired products at affordable price. They just need to pick the appropriate category, look at the different products and choose the suitable ones.

Without any trouble of installing an Flipkart app or utilizing the coupons code generators, you can get extra discounts via the special offers. Now you can present a special gift to your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues based on your preference. Each day, there is the availability of the Flipkart todays offer to save your money during the purchase. These offers and lots of other exciting offers are just waiting for you to purchase. The Flipkart exciting deals of the day, cashback, discount codes and many more are intended to make your shopping affordable and easy.

In this Flipkart big billion day sale, there are special offers, exciting hourly discounts, and many other tips to make sure your purchase worthwhile. On the offer pages and other places, you will be able to find the information you may require to make the purchase. All you need to do is be ready during the dates mentioned and pick the suitable offers for the purchase of your desired product.

Flipkart Diwali Offer, the Flipkart Big Billion Days Events Dates and Offers List

Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on Air ConditionersView Flipkart Diwali Offer
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on BooksView Flipkart Books Offer
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on Car & MotorBikes AccessoriesView Flipkart Car Accessories
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on Washing MachinesView Flipkart Washing Machine Offer
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on TelevisionsView Flipkart Televisions Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on RefrigeratorsView Flipkart Refrigerators Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on Mobiles & TabletsView Flipkart Mobile Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on LaptopsView Flipkart Laptop Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on FurnitureView Flipkart Furniture Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on Fashion & Lifestyle ProductsView Flipkart Fashion Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on Electronics ProductsView Flipkart Electronics Offers
Flipkart Diwali Offers & Sale on DSLR CamerasView Flipkart DSLR Offers

Since Diwali will be approaching when this sale will be live, the customers can get benefits from the Flipkart Diwali offer. Keeping in mind the customers’ needs for shopping different products for Diwali, the Flipkart Diwali sale is included in this big billion day sale.

From the expected period of 29th Sep to 4th October 2019, great offers will be available on categories like TV, appliances and fashion. During the period of 29 Sep to 4 October 2019, great offers will be available on the popular categories like electronics, mobile phones and computers.

These three mentioned product categories are in high demand among customers nowadays and the corresponding products will be made available at discounted prices during the Flipkart big billion day sale. Also during the period of 29 – 4 October 2019 as well as 3rd & 4th October 2019, lots of offers and discounts will be available on all categories.

 29th Sep to 4th October: Great Discounts on Lifestyle Products, TV’s and Appliances

The launch of this flipkart sale india i.e. the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale on the end of September i.e. 29th September 2019 will bring massive discounts on all fashion and lifestyle products, kitchen appliances, TVs, furniture products, and sports & beauty products. Now you can get ready to try out your suitable recipes with extremely efficient kitchen & home appliances.

These appliances will be made available at discounted price to save your money during the purchase. During the period of 29th Sep to 4th October, you will receive the huge discounts on your preferred appliances. These are the dates where you need to check out the Flipkart website or app in order to stay updated about the offers and other information.

30th September: Purchase Mobiles at Affordable Prices

The love for mobiles is certainly unique and now you can purchase your favorite mobile phone devices during 29th and 30th September. The mobile phone from the leading brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Vivo, etc. will be made available at the discounted rates.  The bumper discounts and mobile offers will be made available during this flipkart sale india to allow customers save their money while purchasing their favorite mobile phone.

29th Sep to 4th October: Save Huge on Purchase of Electronics & Computers

It is essential to purchase computers and electronic items for the daily use. Right from the second day of this mega sale i.e. 30th Sep to 4th October, there will be tons of Flipkart offers available on these products. Moreover, the customers can get exciting discounts and the attractive deals on computers as well as electronic products. With the use of relevant Flipkart coupon codes & promo codes, discounts and offers, there will be great saving in terms of money spent.

Special Facility of the No Cost EMI on Credit Cards and EMI on Debit Cards

In this mega sale from Flipkart, there are lots of flipkart cashback offers which can be availed through different ways. There is the special arrangement for no cost EMI on the famous bank credit cards. This will make your purchase experience exciting and beneficial.  It is important to note that the offers as well as no cost EMIs are also made available on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Cards too.

The customers can also receive the simple EMIs on the debit cards offered by the famous banks in India. The best part is the customers can be benefitted from the zero processing charges as well as interest free EMIs on their SBI, HDFC, Axis, ICICI, or other bank debit and credit cards.

Get up to 80% Off Through The Flipkart Big Billion Day Offers

Each category comes with different discounts in th Flipkart big billion day offers. The Flipkart big billion day offers list is filled with whopping discount on different categories for the benefits of customers. After assessing your requirements and the availability, you can pick the desired category and look at the benefits offered.

Right from electronics to lifestyle products, there is a huge discount available on different types of products. Take a look at the below section showing the particular discount in the particular category:

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on Electronics –Up to 50% off

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on Laptops –Up to 40% off

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on TVs –Up to 50% off

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on Appliances –Up to 60% off

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on Home & Furniture products –Up to 50% off

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on Fashion & Lifestyle –Up to 80% off

Flipkart big billion day sale offers on Beauty & Sports –Up to 80% off

In addition to the above offers, the mobile buyers can receive different offers based on the mobile phone model they choose. There will be the availability of discount, no cost EMI and exchange offers for majority of the smartphones. It is possible to exchange your old laptops or purchase a new laptop with 40% discount. For different laptop models, the no cost EMI option is also available.

Now the flat TV or smart LED TV will not feel expensive to you because you can place an order for TV purchase with 50% off. You can easily pay for it on an EMI scheme. In the fashion & lifestyle category, you can purchase shoes and clothing on 80% discount and flaunt its unique style.

Do you wish to purchase AC, refrigerator, washing machine or any other household appliances? Well, you can easily grab the special offer available on such appliances to make the purchase affordable. For the sports lovers, the good news is that they can get up to 80% off on the sports products deals.

This makes the entire deal affordable and easy. In addition to all these, you can easily use your HDFC debit or credit card while placing an order. The best thing here to note is there is a special 10% discount is you make purchase through these cards.

The Exciting Sale Hourly Deals For Excellent Shopping Experience

One of the best things about the Flipkart big billion day sale is there are deal offers available on the hourly basis. Well, this will certainly feel exciting to most customers. During all the 5 days of this flipkart sale india, the customers can easily log in every hour to get the stunning hourly deals.

These Flipkart deals will be applicable on hundreds of products from several categories. These hourly deals will be applicable on the top categories like mobiles, laptops, TVs, electronics, home & furnishings, sports items, clothing & beauty products, and more.

The customers will surely enjoy the guaranteed savings as well as hassle-free shopping experiences each time they log on. There will be a wide range of offers, deals, cashbacks and discounts on each hour of the sale. You can get a huge 90% discount on thousands of products each hour as well as lots of deals and offers.

Availability of The Exchange Offers on Electronics Products

The Flipkart Big Billion Days 2019 Sale provides some special advantage in terms of exchange offers as well. During these sale days, be prepared to grab the exciting deals on exchange offers on different electronics items. Whether you wish to purchase TV, laptop, AC, camera, washing machine, etc., you can get the best exchange offers.

You just need to submit all the necessary details of your old electronics items and then you can easily exchange that product with a new one. You will be able to get the finest exchange offers as well as discounts on electronics online to satisfy your desire.

Wonderful Flipkart Big Billion Days Discounts Available on Different Mobiles

There is no doubt that the smartphones are the most popular buys out of all the buys. Whether you want to use it for self or for gifting purposes, there will be a need to purchase a decent mobile phone. This type of purchase can be directly made from the Flipkart’s website or app. If you are the one who frequently changes the mobile phones every year or two, then it is best to look at the Flipkart mobile offer of the day in the Flipkart Billion Days Sale.

It is also good to look at the Flipkart best todays offer to get an idea about what special offer available on mobile phones on a particular day. This platform proves to be highly beneficial to get the efficient and affordably priced mobile set.

Since years, Flipkart is a popular platform for providing outstanding discounts on mobile phones. Without wasting time, you will be able to choose your preferred mobile phone from a broad range of popular brands. During this mega sale, you will easily find all the famous smartphone as well as mobile brands without any troubles.

For example, right from Samsung to Asus, you can pick the particular mobile phone model and grab the discount. You will definitely love to get the special Flipkart big billion days discount offers on your favourite mobile phone models.

Outstanding Flipkart Offers on Laptops

The search for the finest branded laptops at reduced rates will end at this mega sale from Flipkart. You can easily shop at the India’s most famous online store throughout this mega sale and purchase the desired model of laptop you need. Equipped with all the cutting-edge technologies and features, this store presents the discounted laptops from the Flipkart store.

So, now you can easily perform professional tasks, watch videos, play music, play games, and many more. The whopping discounts up to 40% will be made available on different models of laptop from different brands. Also, there is the special availability of exchange offers for the desired laptop model.

Now you can keep your music CDs and DVDs ready to prepare better presentations and better databases for your work. This is because any laptop model from this flipkart sale will be highly functional and versatile. These devices are dedicated to presenting comprehensive functionalities in affordable budget. Either on the Flipkart website or on the app, you can pick the desired laptop model and proceed for the purchase.

Get Tablets at Affordable Prices on Flipkart

Not just tablets but there are great discounts on the tablets as well. Identified as a smart and portable alternative to the desktops, the tablets are equipped with lots of features. Due to higher prices of laptops, people usually avoid buying laptops and consider to buy table.

The Flipkart’s Billion Day sales provide offers on majority of the famous tablet models from different brands. At the cost-effective price, you will be able to pick tablet from the well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax and many more.

Different discounts like 10%, 20% and even 40% are available on the selected tablet models. The process to choose from the broad range of tablets will now not be difficult because the user interface will be easy on this online sale. If you have smartphone and have installed the Flipkart smartphone app then you can scroll through the different tablet models. Based on your feature expectations and budget, you can pick the suitable tablet model.

Improve Your Viewing Experiences With Beautiful Discounts on Television Sets on Flipkart Big Billion Sale Offer

Flipkart is popular for providing great deals and offers on all types of TV sets belonging from Sony, LG, Samsung and other popular brands. Now you can gift yourself a well-known branded LED TV or a high-quality Plasma TV and enjoy the benefits of TV watching at reduced prices. Now you can feel the great cinematic pleasure by simply installing the branded smart TV’s, full HD TVs and Ultra HD TVs of your choice.

All such products are packed with exciting features, and also they are made available at special discounted rates. The whooping discounts up to 50% are made available on different TV models from different brands. Therefore, along with few of the finest viewing experiences, the customers might enjoy wonderful may savings on their next TV buy.

Capture Great Shots With the Exclusive Deals Available on Cameras

On the Flipkart big billion day sale, the Flipkart deal of the day presents some exclusive deals on cameras. Those who are a photography fan or those who are willing to purchase the branded camera products can easily choose the desired camera models. If you are willing to purchase the branded DSLRs, lenses, tripods and other cameras accessories then the Flipkart sale provides the perfect shopping place.

It will be easy to purchase from an exclusive list of branded cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, etc. In addition to the outstanding picture quality as well as high resolution images, you could enjoy some other advantages. These include free shipping, easy returns, COD, and authentic payment options. In addition to that, there are several exciting cash back offers available on the purchase of cameras.

Large Discounts on Lifestyle Products on Flipkart

The daily lifestyle products like the apparels, accessories for men & women, beauty products, sunglasses, bags, purses, watches and many more are available through the Flipkart discount offers on this mega sale. This flipkart mega sale allows you to get up to 80% off on different lifestyle products matching your requirements. You can easily make a selection from a wide range of fashion and lifestyle items through simple clicks.

On some of the lifestyle products, the discounts can be 30%, 40%, etc. up to 80%. You can consider yourself lucky if you get the whooping discounts on the lifestyle products you want. Right from the evening wear to the causal dresses, formal apparels and office wear, you can get heavy discounts based on the availability. Now you will be able to beautify your look with the choice different accessories and handbags in stylish appearance and colours.

Home Appliances Available at Huge Discounts on Flipkart Sale

The need of home appliances is extreme in our daily life and the flipkart sale india presents great discounts on different home appliances products. The customers can get up to 60% off on the purchase of smart, branded home appliances. With these huge discounts, they can invest the saved money on the purchase of other goods. The day-to-day living can now be made more relaxed and simple by grabbing the correct home appliances related offers on the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale.

Apart from getting the beautiful discounts on tiny electronic items, this mega sale provides exciting offers on large home appliances, also on home electronics, and few other household products. After you know your electronic requirements for your kitchen or home, simply visit the website, browse through the products and make the purchase.

Right from television sets to refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, fans and air-conditioners, etc., you can pick the desired home appliance product. It is known that the Flipkart mega sale assures to attract your shopping desires with great discounts, deals and offers on different home appliances. During the mentioned time frame of this sale, you can regularly check to know the available offers and discounts. Also, there is the facility of cashback on the purchase of the selected home appliance products.

Grab the Home & Furniture Products at Affordable Rates on Flipkart Big Biilion Sale Offers

The need for home & furniture products is always in demand in every home. Whatever home & furniture products you want, you can get them at the reduced rates from the upcoming Big Billion Days sale by Flipkart. In this mega sale, you will find superb deals and offers in order to completely upgrade your home as well as office decor. You will be able to relish the great savings as well as wonderful deals on lots of items from the Flipkart’s exclusive Home & Furnishing category. This category will be full with the best-branded products.

Different products like the bed coves, curtains, cushions, blankets, dining table linen, dressing table mats and doormats, etc. are available at whopping discount rates. During this September to October sale period, you save up to 50% off on the purchase of the home & furniture products. Now it is easy to present the new look to your interiors with the choice of the decent quality home & furniture products from this sale.

It is of no doubt that the Flipkart Big Billion Days provides wonderful deals and discounts to fully upgrade your home and office decor. The customers will be able to enjoy massive savings and amazing online deals on ample of products from the extensive Home & Furniture category by Flipkart.

Avail Huge Discounts on Fashion Apparels and Accessories on Flipkart

It is always the best idea to go out in style and wear the stylish apparels. The Flipkart big billion day sale offers great opportunity to look stylish at the discounted price. Now it is not expensive to wear fashionable clothes and accessories. This is because this great Indian mega sale offers up to 80% discount on the fashion apparels and accessories.

You can take the benefits of its comprehensive range of fashion apparels and accessories, made accessible at massive discounts. It is sure that customers can now avail the superb deals and discounts on variety of fashion apparels and accessories. For example, you can get these products at the discounted prices –casual outfits, jazzy evening wear, intimate wear, formal office wear, bags, footwear, beauty, makeup, grooming tools and many other fashion apparels as well as accessories.

Now you can effortlessly upgrade your wardrobe with the favourite brands like Forever 21, Vero Moda, Park Avenue, Arrow, Parx, Nike, Woodland, Puma, Adidas, Redtape, Reebok,  and Revlon, Mac, etc.  There must be no compromise in the fashion sense right from the top to bottom. Hence, this flipkart big billion day sale presents excellent discount on footwear too. For kids, adults, or old-aged people, this sale provides excellent discounts on shoes, sandals, and other footwear items.

Save Excessively on the Quality Grocery On Flipkart Sale

There is no doubt that the purchase of grocery is the requirement for every home and now there is no need to go to market for its purchase. The Flipkart’s online grocery store is known as the perfect place to let you shop all household essentials as well as groceries. These daily necessity items will get delivered to your doorstep.

The items like the fresh staples for daily meals, dairy products, delicious snacks and beverages, gourmet, home-care products, premium-quality packaged food, personal hygiene products, baby care products, etc. are made available by Flipkart at reduced prices.

Attractive Flipkart Offers on Books & Media

Not just entertainment but this Flipkart sale also takes care about the books and media equipments. Now you can receive wonderful deals as well as exclusive discounts on books, bestsellers, encyclopedias, periodicals, fiction & non-fiction novels, romantic & comedy novels, biographies & autobiographies, colouring books, thrillers & ancient classics, essential examination papers and education sources at this sale.

You will now understand why books are considered as the best friends of humans when you purchase them at the discounted prices from this sale. You will effortlessly find hundreds of reading options to upgrade your existing book collections. Furthermore, you can also get the game consoles and accessories from the media category of this website.

Additional Flipkart Offers Benefits

In addition to all the prominent categories discussed above, you can find many more items from this sale. For example, you can easily look for automobile products like car accessories, motorcycle and power sports, exterior & interior accessories, lights & lighting accessories, tires & wheels, tools and equipments, etc. from the leading brands. You just need to scroll the website during this sale period and pick the product according to your needs.

One of the good thing about this flipkart sale is you can purchase the miscellaneous items like stationery products, school equipment, artificial jewellery, watches, casual sandals, gaming equipments, formal footwear, gifting solutions, almirahs, doormats racks, carpets, and many more. These attractive deals will not last longer so be quick in grabbing them before they slip from your hands.

What’s the News About This Sixth Edition of Big Billion Sale From Flipkart?

This Flipkart shopping bonanza will last for five days and customers will be benefitted exclusively during this period. This flipkart sale has already partnered with some of the banks so that the customers can use their credit or debit cards to make purchase at discounted prices.

Using such flipkart deals, offers and cashbacks, it proves to be one of the best ways of performing online shopping with easy payment procedure. Actually, this Flipkart great indian sale is the sixth edition of the sale from Flipkart. Whether you own a desktop or an app, you can easily scroll, decide and make the purchase.

As per the opinions of Sachin Bansal, head of e-commerce, Flipkart & Chairman – Myntra, the Indian people shops excessively during this phase of the year. This website records more than over 75% of traffic from mobile. So he said that it is expected that this sale proves to be the largest shopping event of this year.

Compared to the last year, this sale is bigger and because the team has worked hard towards offering a flawless shopping experience for their customers. He also added that since this sale will showcase wonderful deals over millions of products in different categories from 40,000+ sellers, the aim is to benefits the customers with 5 full days of shopping online.

The Flipkart has already registered 50 million customers across the world, and the big billion day sale will provide the ultimate shopping experiences with great benefits.

Customers will get an easy and instant access to more than 1,00,000+ registered sellers which are throughout the India. They can pick from millions of products spread over 70+ store categories in this sale. Furthermore, they can even look into countless and giant discounts. It is this 5-day long shopping extravaganza that will provide different products at unimaginable prices. Ranging from the big appliances and gadgets to the fashion apparels, customers will get a comprehensive collection of products to choose from when shopping during this festive season.

Benefits of Purchasing Online During the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale

All the Flipkart great indian offers will be mostly covered in this big billion day sale. Are you prepared to make an enjoyable shopping experience with great benefits? If yes then this flipkart sale is dedicated to offering great benefits. It includes a huge range of products available on sale, so it is sure that you will be excited to shop. There could not be a better time to shop for the needed items than present. A wide collection of offers and products are just waiting to be grabbed by customers.

Including over 7000 products and exclusive discounts, your online shopping experience on Flipkart will be surely a memorable one. Those customers who are shopping on Flipkart or during this flipkart big billion day sale for the first time, they might not know all benefits provided by the sale. For them, it is important to know the great benefits provided otherwise they could not grab the required product at the discounted prices. Look at some of the great benefits of shopping through the Flipkart big billion day sale:

Get Products at Fast Delivery

The speed of delivery decides the quality of the online shopping experiences. There are many online shopping platform that provides great products but with delayed delivery. But with this Flipkart mega sale, you can get the high quality products with the guaranteed fast delivery. It is known that the Flipkart provides a fixed day delivery option.

For example, if you want a product to get delivered within particular time duration, you can choose that duration, date, and can also fix time on the product details page. Doing this will let you avail the fast delivery on the appropriate address. It is important to note that the delivery will be made within 48 working hours.

Therefore, now you need not wait more or worry about waiting for 4 to 5 days or more for getting your product delivered. Now you can easily use this facility by simply checking if your city is eligible for fast delivery.

The facility of the fast delivery of your products will be enjoyed after you properly schedule the time period. It is important to note that to get this option; you must have to pay extra delivery charges. These charges are mentioned on the payment page. Hence, when you place an order for your favourite product, you get an option to get fast delivery.

Get The Benefits of Extended Warranty Period On Flipkart

It is true that purchasing the electronic products online comes with a lot of risk. There is always risk associated with the quality, durability, and warranty of the products that we purchase online.

When you visit the Flipkart big billion day sale, there will be no chances of such risks. This is because such products are backed by Flipkart and they are covered under a manufacturer warranty. During the time of purchasing products, you can even purchase an extended warranty card on the Flipkart provided by the manufacturer.

Moreover, you will be able to purchase the extended warranty card whenever you want after you have already purchased these products. But, the sooner you purchase, the better you secure your items. Generally, this extended warranty is found valid for 2 years, during which, your product would be completely secured against any defect or breakdown.

Avail The Benefits of The Free Installation and Demo Services Available on Flipkart

Irrespective of the product categories – electronics furniture items, or home appliances from Flipkart, it is sure that you will get free installation and demo services from the manufacturer. After your product gets delivered by Flipkart, it is possible for you to request for a demo or for installation. After that, your request will be forwarded by Flipkart with the brand as well as in exchange, you will get acknowledgement.

During any problems, you can call on the toll-free number and raise the issue. After that, your problems will get addressed by Flipkart quickly. The plus point is that there no charges associated for getting demo or installation. After you have made your request with Flipkart, in less than 2 to 3 days, you will get the required services. Therefore, you need not wait longer. In case you find any problems with any products, simply contact the Flipkart team and get it sorted.

Easy Returns Policy on Flipkart

One of the greatest advantages of shopping online on Flipkart is that customers can return their products at any time. If any product does not fit well or does not satisfy you then you can easily place a request for return on the Flipkart instantly. In 1 to 2 working days, your product would be picked by Flipkart’s representative from the mentioned address.

In order to place a request for the return, you could login to the Flipkart website or app. After the product is picked, within 10 to 15 working days, the particular product amount would get credited either into your Flipkart wallet or the linked account. In case you did not get the money on time, it is easy to raise the concern with customer support team from Flipkart. You just need to make sure the product is in the proper condition with the bill as well as package in the same way as it was received.

Benefits of the Buyback Guarantee on Mobile Phones

Flipkart is running a unique program named as the buyback guarantee on mobile phones. Some of the customers may not understand what this mean. Well, if you shop for a mobile phone on this platform, the brands registered below this facility would provide a guaranteed exchange of their old phones with a new one.

The great thing to note about this facility is even if the price of your mobile phone drops then you will get the guaranteed price for that product, if you have purchased from Flipkart. Hence, don’t worry about the re-sale value or stay stress-free from the correct time of selling your mobile phone. You can simply proceed with getting the buyback scheme with the Flipkart special offers and then you will receive a brand-new upgraded phone.

It is not at all difficult to get the buyback guarantee policy. Begin with selecting the phone you like to purchase. After that, you have to choose the buyback guarantee policy. In order to make sure all the details are properly inserted, you have to verify once. Lastly, make your order and finish with the purchase.

Awesome Offers For Flipkart Plus Subscribers

Those customers who are Flipkart Plus subscribers they can be benefitted from the wonderful offers during the Big Billion Day 2019 on Flipkart. Depending on the purchases they might make from this online store, the Flipkart Plus subscribers would be given coins.

After they spend Rs. 250, they will get one coin. At the max, they can earn up to 20 coins on every purchase. All such coins can be later on redeemed by the customer on this platform. Moreover, the Flipkart Plus subscribers will even receive the early access to sale deals as well as free expedited delivery.

Benefit From the Bundled Offers

In present time, the online marketplaces provide a wide range of bundled offers to simplfiy their deals. These online marketplaces may not provide great discounts on a lot of products. Also, they may not be able to provide great benefits in terms of the exchange offers, no-cost EMI options, cashback, and instant discounts for customers.

During the situation when you are purchasing electronics, you will usually find bundled exchange offers from where you can exchange your old item in a working condition to get an instant discount.

Such exchange offers may not come with the finest value for your used product, but they are better than directly reselling your old products to third parties. The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale offers a wide range of payment options in order to make sure customers pick the suitable one that they have access to. Moreover, they can add value to the purchase. To get an idea about the available bundled offers, you must check out Flipkart todays offer list.

Get Great Gifts by Playing the Flipkart Big Billion Days Quiz – App Only

If you have already installed the Flipkart app on your mobile phone or table then you can take benefit from the quiz. In addition to grabbing whopping discounts and deals, the Flipkart app users can easily win exciting prizes.

These may include the smartphones, Flipkart gift vouchers, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and Google Home. All such gifts can be received by taking part in the Flipkart Quiz which would be hosted twice every day.

A New Deal Available Every Hour – Total 120 Deals in 120 Hours

In order to keep the customers excited, this big billion day sale provides new offers on hourly basis- you will see great offers every hour on Flipkart. Because the sale will operate for 5 days i.e. 120 hours, there will be total 120 crazy deals available during this sale. These flipkart deals would be in addition to the already existing regular Flipkart Big Billion Day sale deals.

Receive Buyback Guarantee on Top Mobiles During this Sale

Through the help of the Flipkart’s buyback guarantee, the customers gain assurance that this e-store would buy back the product at a guaranteed, pre-determined price. It is known that the buyback amount would get deducted from the cost of the new product bought from Flipkart. It is important to note that this guarantee will be valid on smartphones only. The smartphones that are sold within a year after purchasing will be considered valid for this offer.

What are the Sitewide offers available on Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2019?

No Cost EMI Option on payment made through ICICI bank

During the Flipkart Big Billion Days Offer 2019, you can make the pay using ICICI bank cards. You will saved from paying the extra penny on purchasing products by using the EMI option. In order to benefit from this offer, you need to shop for products that worth Rs. 3,000 from Flipkart and make payment through ICICI bank cards only.

You have to choose the no-cost EMI option available. This offer is found valid on selective products and it will remain until the stock lasts. To use this offer, the Flipkart coupon code is not required.

Instant 5% off on payment made via Axis Bank Buzz credit card

Now you can shop for the desired things from the Flipkart big billion day sale 2019 and receive instant 5% discount by making payment through Axis Bank Buzz credit card. You need not use Flipkart coupon code. To avail this offer, special code is not required.

This offer could be easily accessed by both new as well as old users. It is important to note that maximum of Rs. 200/- off can be received as discount per card throughout the offer period. This offer is also valid at purchasing products through the EMI option.

Steps To Shop in Flipkart Big Freedom Sale

If you make the proper use of the Flipkart coupons code and Flipkart promo codes then it will be easy to shop during this sale. In order to benefit from the huge Flipkart Big Billion Day Offers this 2019, simply follow the below steps:

Step-1: First of all, log in to the Flipkart mobile app or its website during this sale period

Step-2: Now you have to check out the highlights of the sale as well as the best offers

Step-3: Once you have gone through the products, simply finalize them and add them to the Shopping Cart

Step-4: In this step, you have to provide the necessary details and go further for the payment

Step-5: Choose the proper payment option, and then enter special codes if needed and then you have to finalize the order

Step-6: Now just wait for the products getting delivered right at your doorstep

What are the top 5 Products to take a look in this Flipkart Big Billion Sale?

iPhone6s 32 GB and iPhoneX

Throughout the 5 days in this Flipkart Big billion day sale, be prepared to receive wonderful deals on iPhone 6s 32 GB by Apple. It is this phone that is packed with 32 GB ROM and crystal-clear4.7 inches retina display for smooth view. There is the special inclusion of durable Li-ion battery to make sure the phone works longer. The camera quality is made excellent with the 12 MP rear as well as 5 MP front camera.

The usual price is Rs.40,000 but Flipkart presents this iPhone 6S at a discounted price of Rs.36,999. Along with that, there is an amazing 5% instant discount on making payment via Axis Bank Buzz credit card.

View Flipkart Offer

Samsung Smart TVs

With the Samsung smart TVs, you can be benefitted with the smart functionalities, high HD resolution, sharp sound quality and excellent viewing experience.  During the Flipkart big billion day offers 2019, these TVs can be purchased at up to 25% discount.

View Flipkart Samsung TV Offer

Redmi Note

In 2019, the Flipkart big billion days provides attractive discounts on the purchase of Redmi notes. They come up with the special features like 4 GB RAM and 62 GB ROM for the advanced storage and flawless functioning. There is an advanced processor in order to perform multiple tasks quickly.

They are packed with wonderful battery life that provides prolonged usage. The 12 MP rear & 5MP front cameras are included to let you capture the best shots. There will be additional 5% off on payments made via Axis Bank buzz credit card. The best thing to note is this online store provides COD option and also provides 10 days replacement facility.

View Flipkart Redmi Offers

HP Laptops

There is no doubt that the laptops are one of the greatest useful gadgets to own. During this 5 day sale, Flipkart offers super awesome deals on the HP laptops. These branded laptops are equipped with several great features like efficient high-speed 7th generation processor, great battery life for improved performance and better usage, and sufficient 8GB RAM which can be expanded up to 16 GB.

During this big billion sale, you can easily access these laptops by getting up to 20% off on the same. Moreover, you can get an extra 5% off while making payment through the Axis Bank Buzz Credit card. The greatest amount of discount that can be received is up to Rs. 200. These laptops are equipped with sufficient warranty and they are the best choices if you are looking for a gaming laptop.

View Flipkart Laptop Offers

LG Refrigerator

Refrigerators are the prime need when it comes to the kitchen appliances. From the well-known brand LG, there are different refrigerator models available at discounted prices. They usually come with vast storage space which can easily store large bottles as well as a huge amount of other stuff. Moreover, they are equipped with the LED lighting for better vision during the use.

The exceptional design, double door feature and an attractive metallic handle lets them look unique. Actually, there are numerous colours and variants available. Similar to the above products, they can be purchased at extra 5% off while paying through Axis Bank buzz credit card. There will be 30% off compared to the usual market price.

View Flipkart Refrigerator Offers

The plenty of Flipkart offers available during the big billion day sale let you make purchase with great benefits. You will be able to save up to 80% on many different products under different categories. Whatever your product requirements are, they are available at great benefits from this sale.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]